9/5/16 Legends Suite Game: A personal message from Paul O’Neill

Due to a family emergency, Paul O’Neill will not attend the 9/5/16 Legends suite Game. However, he will have David Cone as his replacement, and what a great replacement!
On top of having David Cone, Paul will also provide 8×10 signed photos for all attendees. Mint Pros has also added Jim Leyritz to the Legends guest list!
Below is a personal message from Paul O’Neill.

Dear Yankee Suite Attendee,

I hope this email finds you all well. I was very much looking forward to meeting you on Labor Day in the Yankee Suite. Unfortunately, I just received some very bad news regarding one of my family members who is very ill and I will now be unable to make that particular date. In my absence, I have asked my friend, broadcast partner, Perfect Game Pitcher, and Yankee Legend David Cone to replace me to be with you. He understands my family situation and has graciously agreed.

I love spending time with Yankee fans and will truly look forward to hopefully meeting all of you on a future date. Have a great time and I know I will miss you all.






Paul O’ Neill

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